Wednesday, May 23, 2007

keeping busy

I've had a number of people ask me to post a pregnancy picture so here you go.

It has been a rough week dealing with kidney stones again while Dave studies for
a physics final exam. The exam is today and the kidney stones have let up for the moment
so maybe things are looking up!! Maybe we'll actually be able to relax for a few days.

Had a Dr's appt. on Monday. Everything looks good and the baby seems happy. We should get
to meet him in a few weeks.

To those who have mentioned that I look sad in this picture- I am NOT SAD!!
I am just tired and haven't had a chance to take a better picture...
Maybe over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Do you know anyone who can do a belly cast for you?


MLB said...

I could do a belly cast, but then I would have to figure out what to do with it. It would probably become an ashtray for some wayward smoker... or maybe a container for dip at a party...

Linda said...

You FREAKS!!! Do the belly cast yourself. it will help pass the time. "Pregnancy projects" I call them. They are quite valuable!! You can paint it, then hang it on the wall in the baby's room.
(wayward smoker...indeed!!} You crack me up!!1

Linda said...

YOU FREAKS!! You can cast it yourself. It will help pass the time. Give you somin' to do. "Pregnancy projects" I call them. can paint it and hang it on the wall in the baby's room. {Wayward smoker...indeed!}