Monday, June 25, 2007


Can I just say how grateful I am to my husband? The other morning as
I maniacally tried to get all of the dog fur out of the corners of
the stairs(it sticks in the carpet and there is no easy way!!
Even my Dyson doesn't conquer stair fur!) I looked up and saw for
the millionth time the painters tape that the previous owners left
up on the ceiling above the stairs.
It is really high up. In my helpless desperation I told Dave that
I was going crazy, but this tape was making me really angry. An
hour later he was up there on an extension ladder peeling it off
for me. So here is my shout out to Dave.

Dave also puts up with my various disasters and "incidents"-
like the time I flooded the bathroom, kitchen and basement
all at once and then erased everything he had on the TIVO
(that was a funny conversation "How was your day?"
"Well, there was an incident" ooops.... he didn't even get
mad at me.


Kathleen said...

oh marni...i cannot find your number! so i checked here to see if....well, you know. i don't want to bring it up...hee...not like you're not thinking about it all the time!

this is a sweet picture!

and i LOVE the post about the musical toothbrush!

email me your number (again) so i can call you and hear about your belly...xo

Kelly said...

I consider that my little Dave did pretty well by the deal, too.

Anonymous said...

Dave is a gem!! I have video footage of him diligentely pealing away the ductape and vines off dad's back window to remove the monstosity of an air conditioner that was growing into the window frame. He was lovingly helping clear out the ol' goats home in support of his wife who had just lost the first man she ever loved,
Thank You Dave and... CONGRATULATIONS!!