Monday, July 16, 2007

First day back

New pictures of Auggie will come tomorrow.

Yesterday I left Auggie with Dave and a bottle and took a few hours to myself...well, not really to myself. I took both dogs to the dog park so they could burn off some energy and go swimming. Disaster is never far for me though! We had a great time in the park, but my sandal broke on the way back so I had to limp out of there with one shoe on and one shoe off. Just me and my two muddy dogs- a picture of defeat. sigh... There is just no dignity for me! When I first met Dave I assured him I was coming back in my next life as Grace Kelly. The only injuries were a few scrapes.

When we got home the dogs had a bath in the hose outside because they were smelly and muddy from swimming in the lake.

Today was Dave's first day back at work. At least he is only working half days this week. I wish he could stay home for awhile longer.

I took Auggie to the park today with a new "moms" group. It was the first time I went anywhere with him by myself. At least meeting a group of other mothers makes it more 'doable'.

Ways that life has changed after baby- I am still reading the same book that I started a week ago.. UNHEARD OF!!! I usually read several books a week. I guess I won't have to make as many trips to the Book Thing to keep stocked.

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lindaleecarter said...

Well done Marni! You went out by yourself even if it was slightly uncomfortable. Sorry you had troubles. I doubt if Grace Kelly was at all as interesting as you. Your beautiful just the way you are! I always laugh when I read your stuff. Wouldn't want you any other way. I hope you get away from time to time on your own. As wonderful as it is to be Mom you need a breather. Maybe you read too much anyway Love Aunt L