Wednesday, August 1, 2007


We had a Dr's appointment today.
Auggie is doing well. He has gained another 2 pounds (in 2 weeks!)
and grown an inch. He had to get a Hep B shot and was not happy
about it. I think the trauma wore him out- he's sleeping now.

Auggie is rewarding us with very sweet gummy smiles more and more
every day. It sure can make up for lack of sleep or a fussy
evening in a hurry!

I got home and there is a man in my backyard raking leaves and
another in the tree cutting branches. The neighbor hired them
to trim the tree that was in the electric lines. I went out and
asked him if my dogs were any trouble and he responded
"Dogs? What dogs?"Just then the dogs come running outside and
charge the man..tails wagging, toys in mouth. They proceed to
welcome him to the neighborhood and play fetch with him.
Some guard dogs!


Anonymous said...

I'd recognize that nose anywhere- lol!


jcmsoc said...

Marni - Thanks so much for giving me access to your blog. Auggie is adorable (which is just what Lydia told me).

I feel like I know all you Johnson girls! And your kids, too!

Grandma Sharon in Albuquerque (Magdalena's gramma)

MLB said...

Glad you are viewing! I miss Maggie. She always makes me laugh. Please give her a big kiss for me.

Bob said...

I so enjoy this blog. You share lovely things about your life with your husband and son. This is definately a groovy site.