Monday, August 13, 2007


Yesterday the entire family went swimming. Watching Daisy jump
in the water with complete glee is guaranteed to make you smile.
The day wasn't without stress though... Mole (our other dog)
doesn't like the water and refuses to go in. Mostly he stands and
barks at anyone who IS in the water. He doesn't pay
attention though and fell in the deep end (not once, but TWICE)
and had to be fished out by Dave. He just doesn't pay attention
to where he is going. It made me sad to see my little dog so
scared in the water. Granted he was only in there for seconds
because Dave was right there and pulled him out so quickly.

Next time we go we are going to leave Mole at home. Auggie
sat in a baby swing and watched all of the antics.

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