Saturday, September 8, 2007


Dave and I lay in bed at the end of this long day. The house was
full of nightime sounds. The fans blowing, the dishwasher running
and the hall light dimly glowing for nighttime Auggie feeds.
We were both pleasantly tired from having a cookout/crabfeast
with the family. Bob and Jason were in town and it was Lisa's
birthday. The day was chaotic and fun.

Dave bought cotton balls so we could wet them and
shoot giant "spit balls" through George's blow gun.
Thomas seemed to take to that and spent most of the
evening as a sniper on our deck. My father would've enjoyed

We ate crabs and shrimp and burgers and bratwurst.
When the evening wore down we had ice cream and
cake in honor of Lisa's birthday.

Auggie visited with everyone in the early evening
and then went to bed.
As we were chatting before going to sleep Dave and I
both agreed that we missed Auggie tonight since we
didn't get our normal dose of snuggles.

P.S. This morning I woke up and picked LOTS of
leftover crabs. I never really thought about it, but
normally when you eat crabs you pick 6 or so crabs.
I shelled so many that my hands BURNED from the
oils in the pepper. It is HORRIBLE and doesn't go
away no matter how much I wash!!!


ArEn said...


Thanks so much for last evening. We had a really nice time, and being with my family and friends is the perfect birthday present.

I've heard that wet teabags is helpful for taking the burn off your hands.

Love, Lisa

MLB said...

Your welcome. It was nice to have everyone here. My hands are better tonight. When I shell the rest tomorrow I will wear gloves!