Monday, September 24, 2007

Family Sunday

We parked and walked down the street towards the
empty tables lined up along the curb.
Too early (as usual)!
Dave and I decided to walk Auggie around Charles Village
and wait for the fair to start. Both of us got nostalgic walking
the neighborhood where Dave lived when we first started dating.

"That is where my Uncle used to live, and Rick lived there,
across the street."

"I lived there, and Gary and Tracy lived around the corner.
We used to meet every Sunday for breakfast at Pete's grill"

We still live in the city, but both miss some of the feeling of
community from our "old" neighborhoods.

We walked back around to the Abell St. fair in time to catch
some friends of ours setting up their table.
They were selling knitted baby hats, quilts, and some hand
made pins among other items... Very talented ladies.

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