Sunday, October 21, 2007

Big Gay Lion

"He's Big, He's Gay, and that's ok"
Dave is singing as I am studying for a statistics test.
"Here Auggie, here's your Big Gay Lion"

I had to ask-
"Why is he Big Gay Lion?"

"Well, he has a rainbow on his head" (DUH)

Auggie loves his Big Gay Lion!


Kathleen said...

your family is so cute.

Bob said...

You know I was going to write something humorous about this post but everytime I tried to be funny my mind went back to one thing; In MY lifetime I've gone from the shame of being gay and terrified to tell my family of my orientation to a man who see's his niece and nephew treat and teach their son with such openness. Whatever Auggie turns out to be I honestly could care less but I'm confident of one thing he will be... MENTALLY STABLE. I love you guys!

Anemone said...

Thanks for writing this.