Friday, October 26, 2007

Full Moon

It was a full moon last night.
Cool, rainy
I told Dave we should go outside and kiss
under the full moon.
Out on the deck
The drizzle landed in little pinpricks on
our skin as we kissed and looked at the moon



Don't you know me yet!
That isn't how it went!!

I looked at Dave and said
"there is a full moon- we should go outside and kiss"
Dave says "ok"

I go out front and look up.
I can't find it.
Dave is pointing to where it should be...
OOOps, wrong way, it is on the other
side of the house.
I traipse through the house out to the deck and
we still don't see the moon.
It is too cloudy.
Can't see it.

Dave has already gone back inside because the
wet deck is making his feet cold.
I take a picture of the empty cloud covered sky.

When I come back in the house is warm and
Dave gives me a kiss.
"We don't need a full moon to kiss anyway" he says.

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Kathleen said...

you had me going for a minute!