Thursday, October 4, 2007


Don't you want to bite these toes?

This week the new thing for Auggie is MUSIC!
He seems to hear it now and responds really well.
He sat up and made noises at the sing along this week.

Right now he is sitting on Dave's lap next to me listening
to Hank Williams. I have to say I'm liking Hank a lot
better than a lot of the kids music...

He is crying- maybe Dave's singing is too out of tune
(couldn't be Hank...)


Bob said...

Have you tried a show tune?

Anonymous said...

We'll have to work on that one..
Get some LIZA or something.

Tomorrow is Roger Miller, 'cause every boy needs to know you "can't roller skate in a buffalo herd"

ArEn said...
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ArEn said...

Anonymous said...

Funny! Must be universal..

Anonymous said...

I want to smell those feet, kiss the soles of his feetsies, kiss those toeses---- mmmm

I love these pictures, love this little guy.