Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday George

Today is my father's birthday.
I think of him every day, and on this day I drink
a toast.

The memory of my father is with me: the bent spoon hanging in the kitchen- (an
experiment in making rattlebacks) my love of music. the odd collection of trinkets on my mantle the old blue soldering iron I hang on to for sentimental reasons

I think of him when I am with my son. I hope that
I can instill the same love of learning and creativity along
with the joy of problem solving that my father taught me
with such warmth and love.

Here's to you George!


Jason said...

What a touching tribute!

(I rise my glass) Cheers to George!

Carter-Meo Family said...

When I think of your dad, I think of your kitchen, and soup. He was always making soup in the winter, it seemed. I can see him there at the stove, stirring some big pot of something. Do I have that right? This is how I remember it.....

ArEn said...

I thought of him yesterday, and you too, Marn.

MLB said...

Yes Amy,
One of his food making phases was a soup phase (lentil soup, vegetable soup). He also went through a pizza phase, bread making phase,and a crepe making phase.


Kathleen said...

cheers to your dad!

sweet post...