Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I am napping with Auggie and the phone rings.
Blab blab...
I hear Dave's key in the door and walk downstairs.
I've been baking all day and want Dave to sample some of
the new cookies I've baked.
I see torn up paper on the carpet.
"Oh crap, did the dogs get into something?"
Dave is standing there with an slightly annoyed/amused
look on his face.

"It's butter; Daisy greeted me at the door with a piece of wrapper
stuck to her face"

We found the box. The dogs ate an entire pound of butter.
Now they are laying around looking uncomfortable.


Should be a fun night.



MLB said...

So far she has thrown up twice and I threw up once while cleaning it!


Bob said...

Ahahahaaha I'm sorry but this story is too funny. They need to do a reality show about you guys!!

Kathleen said...

oh my goodness...i thought, at first, that you were going to write that the dogs ate all of the cookies and sweets that you made!
now THAT would suck.

pretty awful but funny, this post.

MLB said...

As of last night we still had a dog vomiting... I'm hoping this won't continue past 24 hours.

I can't even be mad a the dogs because they both look so pathetic.