Friday, December 21, 2007

4 Calling BIrds

The Scene: Valley View Farms Christmas Display- lights everywhere, ornaments, trees, stockings, Christmas Villages depicting Dickensian carolers, garland- an over the top display of everything Christmas

I am staring at this little ornament. In my head I'm all sappy thinking "Awww, I could get this for Auggie's first Christmas" I have images in my head of having this when he is older...

Dave comes over and snickers and elbows me- expecting a comrade in making fun of the
over the top sickly sweet ornament.

"I like it" I say with a tear in my eye. "Look how sweet"

Dave blinks....


"Are you my wife?"


Anonymous said...

I saw this happen! The squishy sentimental gene does kick in. Love this picture. ma

Kathleen said...


merry christmas to you and yer boys.

see you soon.