Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Help for the Challenged

Can someone help me?

Which way does a card go in its envelope?
Does the front of the card face the flap that you seal..
or the other way...

I have this moment of uncertainty every time.
I don't want the person that opens it to be faced
with the back of the card, but then you see the back of
the card through the flat part of the envelope.

You see my problem?

This is why I hate multiple choice- I can come up with
arguments for many different answers.

Help appreciated....


Kathleen said...

the front of the card should be facing the flap. the envelope is designed so the recipient should be able to lift the flap, pull the card out and open it easily. so the greeting faces the the part that is first seen. (did i say that clearly?..sometimes it is a wonder that i am a teacher...lol)
the recipient should reach in, pull the card out and not have to turn it over to read it.
i learned that a long time ago...don't remember where...silly etiquette stuff.

MLB said...

THANK you!!!