Monday, December 10, 2007

A Call to the Lurker

Tip Tap on the keys
I sit
I type a blog

There is no response

If a tree falls...

If a person only lurks...

This is a hint.


abscott823 said...

Lurk Lurk-

crowbar said...

I born a lurker, and I just hope I can quit being an habitual lurker sometime before I die.
I wish Blogger had a stat that told you, though, when I'm spending the day with your lovely family front and center on my desktop, dragging strangers into my office to say See, look! I know them!
And I wish Blogger could tell you, when I don't answer an email for six weeks, that somewhere out there I'm making my love get up at tiny podunk Oktoberfests and polka to Who Stole the Kishka in honor of your son.
I wish...

On the other hand, if Blogger could do these things , it would probably do other things that we'd all find horrifying.

So I s'pose it's for the best. And I'll just have to try being less lurky.