Sunday, January 20, 2008

25 Things #5

Sunday Breakfast at the Overlea Diner

Our habitual Sunday breakfast outing
greeted by smells of coffee
and fried potatoes

A waitress looks up from behind the counter and smiles
We walk to the back room
snag the high chair and set to work
clearing the table of all items within Auggie's reach

Our regular waitress calls out a hello
"I can't believe how big he's getting!!"
she leans in and speaks to the baby
"I remember when you had to be in a carrier"

I love that the waitresses know us
I love that it is always warm- a little too warm
in the Overlea Diner
I love that our waitress knows we both eat grits
instead of potatoes
I love that the waitresses note the changes in Auggie
and his friend Olive ("Didn't his hair used to stand
straight up in the air!?")

There is just something so nice about being a regular...


Anonymous said...

AHH!! Community! That's sweet Marn.

Bob said...

I like being regular too.