Friday, April 18, 2008

Out For Breakfast

Sunday we decided to drive down to the Farmer's Market
"Instead of going out for a giant fattening breakfast"
We get in the car with all of our "gear" and drive downtown.
nobody is there
just an empty parking lot
We thought the market had started, but we had the dates wrong.

What to do?

Off to a HUGE breakfast at Golden West
(which is always fantastic).
It was odd to be back in Hampden and see all the new
upscale stores and restaurants.

We sit at this tiny little table. Dave takes the chair and
I sit on the bench with Auggie in a high chair.
The table is bolted at the center and can swivel a little.
It keeps rotating and driving me crazy because it isn't
square to the floor boards. I push it back so it is square.

It turns out the couple next to us is from the neighborhood
and I haven't seen them since I moved. We started chatting
and getting caught up, and that damn table moves again.
I think Dave is leaning on it so I shoot him a look and
straighten the table again.
Chatting continues, and I see Dave INTENTIONALLY move
the table .

What are you doing?
Dave: I'm trying to square up the table
Me: What? It ISN'T square!
Dave points to the bench I am sitting on
Me: OOOOOHHHH- (he is squaring it to the bench, not the floorboards!)

The whole time we were pushing and pulling this stupid table
back and forth thinking the other was accidentally moving it!!

The table had to be squared up though.
This is why we are married.


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ArEn said...

You two are such geeks. That's really funny.

Bob said...

ahahahaha... that cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Cowboy coffee!!!!!!
Got any bread?