Tuesday, May 13, 2008


If I could harness his energy I'd be a wealthy woman.
We've been babyproofing because our current
method isn't working any longer.

When he wasn't quite so strong we could keep him in one
room with strategically placed toys. As he gets more
ambitious I have been adding more and more layers of
toys until it has come to THIS.

The problem is that this isn't working anymore.
This morning-
Right over the toys
Crawling as fast as possible
Through the kitchen
I'm up and running to catch him
The chase is on...
He sees me
DIVES through the doorway to the mud room
INTO the dog's water bowl
By the time I reach him, he is wet up to his elbows
and grinning ear to ear.

Dave is right this moment installing the new oversized
baby gate that finally arrived. That means I can restore
some order to the living room and put some of these
toys away!!


Bob said...

Okay first I hear Jason laughing this hearty laugh...I ask what? He manages to get enough breath to muster the word Marni. I immediately came here. Now I am too gasping for air. This is TOO funny. Auggie years from now when you see this I assume you will be laughing heartily at your parents as well. GREAT story, I love hearing about your life through your briliantly humorous eyes.

Wendi said...

I love the look on his face, as if he is saying 'yeah right, mom - putting all of my booty around doesn't mean I don't know there are dog toys to eat and bowls to bang on! Ha!' - I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Someday he won't want to play with them anymore.
Your sis,