Monday, May 5, 2008

Turning 40

My birthday was last week.
I woke up to a romantic and lovely card from my husband
along with beautifully wrapped gifts on the table.
I had a lovely lunch with my sister, mother, neice, nephew and Auggie.
We lingered at our table for about 3 hours; snacking on crab legs
clams, steamed shrimp and cheap domestic beer (my fav).
The kids were so well behaved and patient that the waiter
commented that he'd never seen such lovely children at which
point Ben asked him for his autograph (he's got a great sense
of humor for a 5 year old).

Sunday, Dave and I had a friend
watch Auggie so we could go out to a nice lunch to celebrate.
We sat looking out on the water and relaxed. Clams, calamari
(fantastically tender), goat cheese and apricot salad, seafood
corn chowder and parmesan encrusted sole. Everything was

We watched a wedding ceremony outside the window and laughed
as the parents across the restaurant attempted to wrangle their
4 year old boy back into a booth after his third bathroom break
(we couldn't hear, but we saw the dad point and the boy
cross his arms and emphatically shake his head NO).

Service was terrific for the first half of the meal, and then the waiter
got slammed and ignored us. We didn't really mind
until we were ready to go and couldn't get our check.
At that point I got bored so I started making raspberry noises
and funny faces at Dave from across the table.
"Yep, that's my 40 year old wife" he said.

All in all a lovely birthday.

Oh, and today, in the mail- my invitation to join the AARP. (HA!)


Kathleen said...

you didn't say you were turning 40!!!!!!!
i mean...maybe we talked about age at one point...but my mamabrain is so scattered...and you don't LOOK 40!!!!!
(not that 40 is old, mind you).

jeez sister.
we need to celebrate!
(you know your birthday is for a whole month?!)

also. auggie can come play with liam ANYTIME. he is so polite and supercute, too!

mad-mama-love to you, girl.

Rebecca said...

happy 40! you DIDN'T get an invite from the AARP? did you? for real? if so, they're recruiting early. way early.