Sunday, June 22, 2008

Livin' the Classy Life

What a rough weekend.
Auggie went on a sleep boycott.
The boy would not nap, would not sleep...

We were so tired this morning but had to do something so
we went out for bagels. While I was waiting to get ready I
took Auggie out front and snapped this picture. He was
looking so sweet. Unfortunately that started the dog
barking frantically at the gate.

This is how I think things went...
"MOLE Shut UP!"
"Stop barking!"
then quietly "Damn dog- I hate you!"

This is what Dave says happened...

"MOLE shut up"
"Go inside!"
screaming at the top of my lungs

Which I find a little embarrassing because if I DID shout
that way I am certain all the neighbors (many with small children)
heard my trucker's mouth. In fact, they probably heard my
foul mouth all the way in China.

Dave's version is probably right- I was really grumpy.

(And for the record- I don't hate Mole)


Kathleen said...

i love you.

thank you for a good laugh.

sorry about your lack of sleep, sister. i hope you are in dreamland tonight. xo

Bob said...

he looks like Brad Pitt with the Paparazzi. "No MORE PICTURES!!!"