Sunday, July 20, 2008

Science Museum

I pulled out my camera and composed a shot.
I thought there might be some very interesting
opportunities for photos since everything was so well lit.
I focused and..
"NO PHOTOGRAPHS!" A guard grabbed my arm.
I never saw any signs or anything.
Oh well, I got this one photo before the assault.

The exhibit was fascinating but not without the ewww
factor. I felt like I was holding my breath while we were
walking through. All the bodies were anonymous. The
anonymity is intentional because the exhibitors are trying
to focus on the physiology,but I couldn't help
thinking about who these people were when they were alive.
It creeps me out that after death they were so manipulated
and manhandled. Not that I have any beliefs that they
"know" about this treatment, just that their bodies become
so... inanimate. The layers of skin over muscle creeps me
out as well. I keep having these awful flashes of imagining
biting into the flesh. Then I want to gag. How weird is that!?
I was with my 13 year old neice and it was funny that
she kept ewwing and saying "gross" about the genitalia.
Made me laugh and took some of the tension out of the experience.

Afterwards we went into the main exhibit hall where we
played with giant soap bubbles, whirlpools of water and
sine waves that vibrated dust. In the gift shop we entertained
Auggie with giant dinosaur puppets.


PP said...

I would NEVER go see this...find it fascinating however...but here is the weird part: They have a HUGE waiting list of people that want to donate their bodies.

MLB said...

I don't think it is so weird to donate your body. I kinda get that. It isn't like you are going to be doing anything else, and if you can educate some people then why not?