Thursday, August 14, 2008


My sister is working on our family tree using

It is fascinating. I love looking through the old census records.
I've always enjoyed listening to family stories. I lived with my
Aunt Janet for a year when I was a teen and we used to lay in
bed at night and talk. She would tell me funny stories about things
my father did when he was a kid. We spoke on the phone today and
she was telling me more stories about her grandparents. I plan to
jot them down as soon as I get a moment.

The thing that bugs me about the family tree is the Born- Died thing.
You know- there is the name then B. 1901-D. 1945 thing. Well with
everyone that is still around there is just a Born date. For example
Marni Johnson B. 1968-
Then there is that blank space. I can't stand it. On one hand I can't stand
that something on the tree is unfinished. On the other hand I feel like that
evil frickin tree is just waiting for me to die so that blank spot can get filled in.
It makes me feel insignificant. I'm just a waiting death date.

Isn't that sick?! But it BUGS me. I can't stand to look at all my nieces
and nephews names with that blank and waiting death date!!

I probably sound like a lunatic.
Or like I need serious medication.
I guess just seeing all the names in a family tree just points out how
fleeting our time here is... Better get out and have some fun.

I'll be at the bar yukkin it up if anyone needs to get ahold of me.


ArEn said...

Don't you know that they're going to cure death soon?

MLB said...

Oh WHEW! Maybe now I can sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

you're endearingly weird!!!