Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Out for a Visit

The biggest news here is that AUGGIE NAPS!
Not sometimes, not randomly, but EVERY DAY.
He has been actually napping- 1 hour in the morning
and 2 hours in the afternoon! I can't believe it.

Is it possible to stop the clock right here?
He is so cute and sweet right now.
He runs around and plays independently, and then
comes over and plops in my lap with a book, or he'll
run over, throw his arms around my neck and lay his
head on my shoulder. A few minutes later he is up and
going again. That little check in gives him some reassurance
and off he goes.

Yesterday after nap we went to Mastellone's
and picked up some prosciutto, fresh mozzarella,
Gorgonzola stuffed olives, meatball subs and some
yummy almond cookies. I browsed in the store that is jam
packed and doesn't have carts, so Auggie sat on my shoulders.
He held hunks of my hair and steered me where he wanted to go.
I enjoyed reading labels of squid ink and looking at various
Italian specialty items that I would have no idea how to use.

We packed up our purchases and headed over to Nitza's.
After lunch the kids all played. It was fun to watch Auggie and
Lizzie (Nitza's 2 y.o. daughter) play. They were in and
out of a huge cardboard box elbowing
one another for more room. Lizzy and Auggie were a good
match for one another-both a little rough and tumble.
Lots of fun, and nothing better than a happy and tuckered out
little toddler to go home and nap with!

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