Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cartoons, Halloween, and the Evil Dentist


Tom and Jerry is on.
Auggie is laying on the sofa cracking up.
It is a refreshing sound given the rough week we
all had.

Auggie had to have dental surgery this week. We arrived
at the hospital at 5:45 am. It was cold and rainy and dark and
Dave and I were wringing our hands at the thought of our
baby being put under anesthesia.

Auggie decided it was time to celebrate and wandered up
the aisle in the patient waiting area, pulling back curtains
and waving to each person. After wrangling him for over an
hour someone came and gave him a sedative. He got very
loopy and lay on the bed smiling up at me and occasionally
batting at the curtain surrounding our area. They came
and carried him off, and thankfully he was too out of it to
protest because I think that would've just KILLED me!!

2 hours later the Dr. came out and explained that every
single tooth in this kids mouth has decay (and then
proceeded to blame breast milk which is a crock of
horse shit- maybe I should've been feeding my baby
formula instead? HA- oh wait, you say that causes tooth
decay as well OOOH so juice? oh that also causes decay...

Anyway, so despite my obsession with brushing his
teeth and not letting him have juice, my son now has
4 fewer teeth, 4 caps, and a bunch of fillings.

By the next morning Auggie was back to himself,
running around and yelling, sitting on me whenever
he got the chance and being generally full
of piss and vinegar.

Halloween was fairly uneventful. If you notice,
there are fewer pictures than last year. This is mostly
because he is so mobile now. More time is spent chasing
him than snapping pictures. Many of the pictures are
of his back as he is RUNNING
from me!

He truly is a devil.

**and Clara was the PROUDEST princess I have ever seen- so cute!

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