Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can we just PAUSE right here?

This is the perfect age.
He is so fun, and is still a baby at the same time.

I throw a blanket over his table and make a fort.
I crawl under and say "COME ON!"
He follows and brings the chalk.
"Oh wait a minute" I slide out and get his little crackers
on a paper towel.

We both lay on our backs drawing on the underside
of the table with chalk. "FISH" I say. "FSHHSHHH" he repeats.
He's munching the crackers, humming and kicking his feet.
I lean over and give him a kiss and then a raspberry on his cheek.
He breaks out into a grin. "AAAEEEHHHHHHH"
and climbs on top of me.

Can a kid get more perfect than this?
And yet, still a baby.
After nap I hand him a bottle and sit with him on the
sofa. His hand automatically goes to the side of his head
where he pulls on a lock of hair while he drinks. It's a gesture
he's repeated hundreds of time since he was born.

Please please please let this phase last a little longer!
I hope I never forget what he is like at this age!

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

i am with you on hitting pause.

of course, i would like a snooze button, too!