Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

For years I felt displaced at Christmas. I was always staying
at someone else's house and felt out of sorts.

This year as I stood in the kitchen making cookies, listening to
the sounds of Auggie and Dave chasing one another around the
living room, it occurred to me that I felt that I am exactly where
I am supposed to be. What a perfect feeling.

I woke up Christmas Eve morning and got a wonderful present
from Dave- "Go back to bed" he said. I did. I slept for 3
glorious hours and woke to find the house clean, the baby clean
and dressed and music on the stereo. Perfect. (thanks hon)
We had friends and family over in the evening
watching the kids run around
drinking wine and tea
sigh- a very lovely time!

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Carole67 said...

A very lovely time!!!