Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sick Day

It is freezing outside and my baby is sick!
We stayed inside all day.
Saltines and ginger ale were the cuisine.

Much of the afternoon was spent curled up in
the crook of the couch watching cartoons.

He napped
played in a warm bath
dressed in snuggly clothes
and got lots of hugs and kisses from mama

My sweet boy's blue eyes were ringed with dark.
He's napping again now and I'm waiting for his
call so I can wrap him in blankets and snuggle
down on this cold cold night.


Anonymous said...

Oh look at those poor sick eyes. Poor baby, but lucky baby - so nurtured and loved !!

Kathleen said...

poor little dude.
i hope he is feeling better soon so we can play!!!!!

liam sends a drooly kiss and hug to you both. xo