Monday, February 2, 2009


Dave working
and working
and working
He's exhausted
We miss him!
Auggie periodically looks up and calls DADA!!!
He's taken to sleeping with a little statue of a dad
and baby that Nana gave us when he was born.
He snuggles with it *sniff* (and hits me in the head with
it when I lie in bed with him at naptime.)

Auggie spent Sunday afternoon dancing naked
with a mixing bowl on his head.
True joy in his eyes.

Today I worked on painting a set (pics later)
while Aunt Lisa watched Aug.
He LOVES his Aunt Lisa!
She gives him Spaghettios and mandarin oranges and
big boxes of matchbox cars and lets him sit on her
lap all day. He cried when she left.

I'm grumpy because I'm so tired.
I'd feel better if I could just kick someone in the shins.
I know I would.


Amy M. said...

that kiddo looks just like you- wow! What a cutie.

Kathleen said...

i am always happy when dancing, naked, with a mixing bowl on my head, too!

come over.
but don't kick me.

or tomorrow if you can handle absolute mayhem. lol