Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Goodbye

This week we said goodbye to Dave's little blue truck.
A sad day.
That truck represents a lot of good times.
Times when we would kick on down the alley to have a beer
at Frazier's.
When we would stay out late and still get up early for work.
Trips to the dog park when we were first dating.
and NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN the time Dave squeezed both
of his grandmothers in that tiny little cab to drive them to dinner.

The truck needs new brakes and shocks and it just doesn't make
sense anymore. We need another car that we can put a baby
seat in..

I got in the new car the other day. It bonged at me like a department
store. It was strangely QUIET. I felt like it could belong to my
grandfather. I don't for a minute regret the changes in our lives,
but nobody said there wouldn't be growing pains; Sometimes
you look back and there are things you know you'll miss.

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