Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Doin the Trudge and Waddle

Trudging from here to there
Waddling to Dr's appointments
Trying to nap when I can
Everything seems to be proceeding well.
I had a few very uncomfortable days over the weekend.
I was hurting enough that a little question mark started
floating around over my head "Could I be going into early
labor?" After a full night of no sleep on Sunday the pains
started to subside. I guess it was just more of the 3rd
trimester 'par for the course' aches. It's hard to believe that
in just 5 weeks we are going to have another little human in the
house! Holy CRAP!!

Auggie has been singing to me a lot lately.
I love it.
Twinkle Twinkle
and We Are A Team (put to the tune of a
Strauss Waltz) seem to be the favorites at the moment.

He's also beginning to make intimate friends with his 'time out'
chair. Mostly he gets time out for pulling the dog's tail.
He'll pull, and look at me and smile- testing me until I
count off "LET GO, ONE....TWO...THREE...OK TIME OUT!!!
Put him in the time out chair and the tears start. He's
heartbroken, but not heartbroken enough that he doesn't do
it again repeatedly.

Today he had a flu shot.
He flirted with the nurse on the way in
Cried only for a moment when he got his shot, and
was quickly distracted with the prospect of a sticker and
rocks to collect from the rock garden outside.
The nurse smiled at him on the way out and he walked
right by her muttering "I wanna go home"...

So home we are.
He's being pampered with pillows and blankets on the
couch because the injection site must feel like a gunshot
wound if I go by the way he is complaining about it.

It's nice to have a quiet day, just he and I
some songs
some cartoons
and lots of blankets.

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