Saturday, October 24, 2009


Arlo has brought a little bit of mellow to the house.
Much needed and hoping it continues.
He sleeps, eats, makes little squirley noises, and
looks around with his big brown eyes.

I'm feeling guilty for not having all my time for Auggie.
I just wanna hug him close and let him know "I'm SO SORRY!!",
but I know having a little brother will be a wonderful thing eventually.

The hormones have hit and with them have come evening crying
spells. I seem to remember that this passes in about a week or so,
or at least I hope so. It is making me feel a little crazy.
Dave took Auggie out for quality time today- they went to
Build a Bear (more on that later) and had pizza for lunch.

Will write about Arlo's birth in a day or so. At the moment when
I have some free time I mostly just feel like laying around.