Thursday, November 12, 2009

Night at Blacho

I hear the door thud and open one eye to see the
silhouette of Auggie in the doorway.

"Come on in"

He crawls in the bed between Dave and I.
Arlo is sleeping in a sidecar on the other side of me.
Within minutes Auggie is plastered up against my
back, one foot working it's way down my yoga pants,
and one hand tangled in my hair.

I lay there awake. Daisy is on the floor snoring.
Arlo is making straining noises and saying "EHH Ehh"
Dave is snoring. Auggie is snoring. Somehow I
manage to doze off.

Awhile later- hours? minutes? I hear Arlo start up again.
"EHH EHHH" he fusses quietly so I put a hand on his
chest and say "shhh" Auggie rootches further up in the
bed and I hear a soft voice. He's singing. I listen more
carefully and realize he's singing "Rock a bye baby on
the treetops...." He's getting half the words wrong, but
the tune is unmistakeably Rock a Bye.

I have to laugh.

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

i love your sweet family. hee.

auggie is a good big brother.