Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

The house is clean after the boisterous evening with my
nieces and nephews and K and P and Liam
My ears are still pleasantly ringing.

The family has left.  We'll see them tomorrow.
Dave took Auggie up to bed.  It's been almost an hour
now, so I'm fairly sure he fell asleep too. 
Arlo is sleeping in his swing.
The dogs are sleeping on the loveseat.

I finished the wrapping and set up all the presents under
the tree and stuffed the stockings.  The presents from
Nana and Pop are beautifully wrapped and I put them
under the tree as well.  I'm excited to watch Auggie
in the morning on this first Christmas where he'll really
be taking part in the holiday with us.

It's lovely and quiet and pretty with the lights in the living
room and nice to have a moment to myself to reflect.
My boys are beautiful and healthy.
My husband is adorable and tolerant.
I look around and am flabbergasted that here I sit with
a lovely house and beautiful family.  When did this happen?

Lucky me!

Merry Christmas.

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Kathleen said...

lovely post, mama.

*reaching for a kleenex*