Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Day in the Life

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I carry Arlo's two ton carseat out and clip him into the car.
Back up to the porch to encourage Auggie to COME ON!!!
He has to walk down the hill at the side of the house first, but
finally makes his way to the car, but he's shouting because his
voice echoes down the street and he's enjoying it.
I'm buckling him in and he's screaming
at the top of his lungs and listening for the
echo. (screaming right in my ear I might add)
I look everywhere for my keys.
I know I have them because I opened the car door.
Back over to Arlo's side- did I leave them there?
Are they still in the front door?
In Auggie's bag?
I wanna scream

Finally I get the idea to check in Auggie's car seat.
SUCCESS- he's sitting on them.
I dig around and pull and off pops the stupid key tag
for my Y membership.
I find a sharp thing in the console of the car and punch a
new hole.
FINALLY we are ready to go. 
Off to nursery school.
Arlo out of the car.
Auggie out of the car.
Haul the world's heaviest carseat and the worlds most
dawdling toddler up the path into the building and up a
flight of stairs to his classroom.
Kiss goodbye.
Haul Arlo back down flight of stairs.
Go to car
Arlo back in car.
Drive to Y
Drag poor Arlo back out of car and to the childwatch center
at the Y.
Get Arlo and haul 200 ton car seat to the car.
Arlo in car.
Drive to nursery school
Arlo out of car and carry 300 ton car seat up path
and up flight of what are now the longest stairs in the world
Walk in the classroom and Auggie hits the floor
He loves nursery school and doesn't wanna leave.
I let him sulk on the floor for a few minutes and then he
gets up and gives me a hug and kiss.
"ok Buddy, Let's go!"
I trudge with the 500 ton carseat and the out of it with
exhaustion toddler down the flight of stairs and across
the parking lot.
Arlo back in car
Auggie strapped in car screaming
Drive home
Both kids asleep
Carry in Arlo's cement and lead lined carseat
Quickly let blind incontinent dog outside
back out to the car
Unbuckle Auggie
Carry him (OMG when did he get this BIG>????)
into the house, stripping off shoes as I go
Sit him on the radiator and peel his coat off
shusshssssshssss ing as I go to keep him asleep
Up the long ass flight of stairs in my house
and in bed
YAY- he didn't wake up!!!
Downstairs to let blind incontinent dog back in the house.
Arlo still asleep so I leave him in the world's heaviest carseat
and I take my own coat off
I look in the mirror and realize


See what I'm going through to get in a workout?
If you could support me in my efforts to finish the
Celebration Triathlon and raise funds for the
Leukemia Society I would really appreciate it!

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