Sunday, February 21, 2010


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A year ago everything was exhausting.  The smell of coffee or a wiff of a scented candle would make me gag.
I was newly pregnant and also had an upper respiratory infection.
I was happy to be pregnant, but finding it very challenging juggling my constant sickness with literally chasing a   super active toddler.

Today I sit with a completely charming 4 month old.  He can't resist a smile. 
He catches your eye and grins from ear to ear flashing adorable dimples.
I feel that I haven't written enough about Arlo.  He's just so sweet that anything I write sounds cliche.  All the cute baby cliche's you can think of were written for Arlo.

At 4 months he's reaching out for objects.  He's smiling and giggling.  His hair mostly fell out and is now growing in.  I think he's going to be much darker than his brother. He loves to be naked.  Crying or upset?  All you have to do is undress him and lay him down.  He'll grin.  He'll giggle. 
He'll kick.  He'll call out to you and blow bubbles.
That's my Arlo!

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