Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Art Show

Auggie keeps looking back and I keep reassuring him
"Daddy is right behind us, he's with Arlo"
We go up the stairs and he is tentative until we reach
the familiar hallway of his classroom.  Then he struts ahead
of us leading the way wearing his Viking hat that has a
pink glitter 'A" and the horns broken off.  We are heading
to his preschool art show.  He is proud and I see a few
parents in the hallway look at him, marching along in
his hat, and smile.

So far he LOVES preschool.  Loves the routine,
his friends, his teachers, the activities.  He has gotten confident
that I will come back.  So confident that when I drop him off
he doesn't even think twice anymore.  He runs in the room,
hangs up his coat, blows me a kiss and doesn't look back.

He shows us his artwork.  A butterfly, a caterpillar, a chrysalis.

Then he discovers the food table and tries to take one bite of
everything, because after all the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
After the show we take him out for a celebratory chocolate milk.

Our little boy is growing up.
I'm proud.
I'm enjoying him.
I'm nervous because time is flying.
I'm hoping I remember all the details and that he doesn't
grow up too fast, because just yesterday he was my tiny
baby boy.

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