Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hokey Pokey

I hear Auggie and Dave running around upstairs after
taking a shower.  Arlo needs to be dressed so I snag
him under one arm and head upstairs.

They are snuggled under the covers.  Auggie has a towel
partially over his head and he's grinning.  Little diamonds
of water still dot his eyelashes.

Auggie: We sang the Hokey Pokey!

Me: That's fun Auggie!

Auggie: We were in the shower. My pee pee was in the shower!

Me:  (singing) Did you put your pee pee in you put your pee pee out
        You put yo


Me: What?

Dave:  I just told him to teach the Hokey Pokey to his preschool class!!


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