Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Auggie!!

My baby turned three last week!  I can't believe it.

He is strong willed, verbal as all hell, smart and really frickin' funny.

I made a spider cake with licorice legs that Auggie begged for!
Aunt Lisa and a friend and I packed up pool noodles, pizza,
drinks and gifts and took Auggie, his cousins and friend Aeden
to the gunpowder for the afternoon.  They ran around, ate cake,
got messy and really tired, and pretty much had a great time.

This year has brought about so many changes.
Toddlerhood has passed and now my baby is a little boy.
He started nursery school and is thriving there, no longer clinging to me when I drop
him off. Instead he turns and blows me a kiss and runs off to play
with his friends.  Thankfully he's still little enough to come running and fling
his arms around me when I return to pick him up.

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