Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where to start?

Where do I start?  It's been a long time since I've posted so I'm going for it...

I started part-time work, Auggie back to school, had horrible childcare luck with
Arlo, working lots of side jobs, Auggie learned to mix colors and to subtract, and
suddenly gets that letters stand for sounds and lots of other huge milestones,
Arlo is cute as ever and flashes big dimples all the time, Aunt Janet passed away
and that is a terrible thing and I feel a deep deep sense of loss, K. got cancer and
it was a nightmare just to watch her go through it,  to even for a second think
that one of us might not get to see our kids grow up is horrifying, terrifying and
sad.  K. is ok, YAY!!  lucky lucky lucky....Arlo took his first steps, I made a
giant 2' phallus that shoots confetti at work and remembered why working in theater
can be surreal, I'm running and spinning and weight training, but not for any huge
event at the moment, I hate leaving my kids when I work but I love coming home
and seeing them at the end of the day, Auggie is getting tall and is dramatic and
funny and challenging and oh so beautiful
and Arlo is going to be ONE, and WHERE DID THE YEAR

Pictures to come
More regular posts to come....

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Carole67 said...

touching, and lovely