Monday, June 18, 2007

MMMM need I say more? I figure I might as well
indulge now because I am looking forward to a
summer of Weight Watchers and the gym!

All is well. Baby is happy where he is.
I'm bored and cranky. I want to crawl in a cave and hide where
noone can find me!

I keep being asked "when?" (in an annoyed tone of voice!)
... I'm sorry, I just DON'T KNOW!! If I had some magical way
of telling everyone WHEN I could probably make
a lot of money on a patent. So, I apologize if I don't
answer the phone- I have no answers. I got nuthin'
We'll definitely let everyone know when the baby comes...


Amy and Zan said...

Hi Marn! Ohhhh.. I totally get where you are right now. I was ten days late and my phone rang off the hook every day- everyone asking, "When, When, When???". Hang it there- I'm thinking about you! Love, Ame

MLB said...

ugh, I sure hope I don't go 10 days past due! The only part of being pregnant that I'll miss is feeling him move around, kick and wiggle.

Anonymous said...

What are ya gonna do?