Wednesday, June 13, 2007

baby breaths (week 38)

Movement, check
extension of limbs, check
practice breathing, check
amniotic fluid, check
all is well in baby land

Yesterday the ultrasound tech couldn't see any practice breathing
so we had to go in this afternoon to see if the baby would perform on cue.
In my neurotic way I had to read everything I could find about
fetal biophysical profile on the internet. I came across a study
that said if the mother hasn't eaten the baby frequently
won't be practice breathing. On the way to our appointment today
Dave and I stopped at 7-11 and I had a slurpee.
I figured a little sugar would get him going.
That baby was moving, jumping around, and yes, practice
breathing pretty much the entire time.

Sometimes these tests are just another reason to worry.

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