Monday, June 11, 2007


Still waiting...
Doing everything I'm supposed to for "encouraging" labor.
Even ate curry last night. I suppose I knew all those wives tales
wouldn't help, but figured why not. Walking a lot certainly isn't
going to hurt anything anyway.

Dr's appointment tomorrow morning and I'll update then.

Dave has had some funny experiences. He said the maintenance man at
work was asking about me. First in a typical casual way "no baby yet, huh?".
Then in more detail "Is she dilated or anything yet?" It is strange
the way man conversations have changed for him over the years..


Lisa said...

Isn't it weird! Suddenly you'll have strange men discussing your mucus plug.

MLB said...

Yep, it is weird!
I heard Dave on the phone with an old friend saying "yeah, she is 90% effaced so I could be any time"
This is a conversation between two men that just a few years ago were going on about Ozzy (and I'm sure will again in the future)

Anonymous said...

No It's called your "wickas pie."