Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Dave sits at the computer holding the baby
Listening to Tom Waits
I look in from the hallway with
Tears streaming down my face because
How could I be so lucky?
My heart feels like it will explode out of my chest
This is the part no one told me about...
Having a baby will make you fall head
Over heels with your husband all over again.


Bob said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am a sucker for a love affair. I'm glad you're starring in this one.

Love you both

mary.lou.blachowicz said...


Could you send this picture of Dave and Auggie to me so I can print it?

Your blog is wonderful and it keeps me up to date in my family's day to day life.

I miss you all and wish I could be there to hug and kiss Auggie every day.

Love, Mom/Nana