Thursday, July 19, 2007

photo share

I will still keep uploading photos to this link (click on the words "photo share" above)so you can order prints if you want... Of course, I don't mind e-mailing them if you want to print yourself..

Nitza called this morning and said she was going to stop by. She brought me lots of good food so I didn't have to cook dinner tonight (pasta salad, roasted chicken, crabcakes, corn on the cob)
Dave and I were both very grateful to have a night off from dealing with dinner. Bless her heart, she seems to understand the value of hanging out for an hour or so and then calling it a day. (Thank you again Nitza!)

I slept the rest of the day and so did Auggie. It felt good to get caught up.

By the way, if there is anyone you know that wants to check out this blog let me know and I'll put them on the list. I had a few requests and certainly don't mind... I just didn't want it to be available to the general public via an internet search. I'm not even sure why, just a bit of paranoia.

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