Monday, July 23, 2007

do over

We've all been there-
In line at Target and "Ma'am I'm closing this lane"
Move to the next line
Original line reopens, but the person in front of me doesn't move so I can't get there
10 minutes later I'm about to scream.

Now try it with a SCREAMING infant in a Bjorn and everyone staring at you.
Of course, noone offers to let me go in front of them.

I left the store- full basket and all
Poor Auggie was very upset, but slept all the way home
When I got home I realized the car seat mirror fell in the seat with him.
He didn't seem to mind.
I did.

I call do over!!!

1 comment:

lindaleecarter said...

Auggie is growing fast. I see differences in him already. What a neat boy!
Sorry you had such a challenging day at Target. Shopping with baby is not always fun I guess. Hope your next venture is less eventfull.
What did you decide about going to work?
Aunt L.