Thursday, July 26, 2007

Helpful Hint

Today there was an incident.
I heard a tip that you can sterilize your dish sponge by
putting it in the microwave. The tip didn't say how long.
I thought I'd add to that tip- 5 MINUTES IS TOO LONG!

If you put it in the microwave for 5 minute it turns black and
chars and fills the house with smoke. Then you have to open all
the windows in the house and turn on all of the fans.
Then you and the baby have to sit out on the deck for awhile
until the smoke clears.
I'm not sure I am old enough to be allowed to stay home alone yet.

Oh well. I try.


Bob said...

I hear charred sponge can be quite a delicasy when served with a nice Au Jus.

MLB said...

My whole house has a nasty burnt smell! ugh
(Dave didn't seem mad- I guess he is used to it)

ArEn said...

Did you microwave a dry sponge or a wet sponge.

I've done it with a wet one; it kind of smells like the ghost of dinners past.

MLB said...

It started out wet... then dry.... then smoking and disgusting.

Kelly said...

I did an experiment with a stick of margarine once, in which I left it unwrapped on the windowsill of my dorm room overlooking the autobahn for 7 months. It was your sponge's twin on the outside, but on the inside it looked just like regular margarine. I switched back to butter.
Bob's right - it could pass for something that would cost you $27 in a fine French bistro, nicely arranged on a hand-thrown square Japanese stoneware plate with a small green onion, one sliver of carrot and the tiny, tight-lipped shadow of a smirk.
I am trying very hard not to imagine the smell.

Bob said...

Okay, I love Kelly. Who is Kelly? I want to be her friend.

MLB said...

Get in line. Everybody loves, sexy, funnt...what's not to love