Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kishka Gets A Bath

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Auggie was 4 weeks old this week and until this point had only
received sponge baths. We figured that we should probably bathe
him before he goes into the first grade and today was the day.

First- naked play time (apparently a Henrietta rule before bath time)
Second- pee on grandmom (she was warned!)
Third- enjoy a nice bath (and he really did seem to enjoy)
Fourth- sit on the warm deck to dry off

After the bath I took my mother to the Italian market up the street
where we purchased Gorgonzola stuffed olives and yummy homemade
mozzarella cheese. I also packed up some basil and tomatoes from my
garden to send home with my mother.
I have more tomatoes and zucchini in the garden than I could possibly
eat and have been pawning them off on everyone!

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mary.lou.blachowicz said...


We did order all the pictures of Auggie in his bath. Will let you know how they come out. We tried to copy them to our photo page and then print them but it wouldn't let us do that.