Friday, July 13, 2007

Need I say more?

Auggie had his Dr's appointment the other day. He is doing well and has gained 1 lb. over the last week. Dave and I are tag teaming child care to try and get some sleep.
I am fine during the day even if I haven't gotten sleep, but nighttime is a whole different story for me. I'm just not a night person so it is difficult.

Auggie is very cute. When he is tired he looks at me with one eye closed, hence the nickname "Popeye". Right now he is sleeping in his swing with one big toe peeking out over the edge.


lindaleecarter said...

Great picture! Go get some sleep. How was the interview yesterday. I will call again soon.
Aunt Linda

Bob said...

Good god that mouth!! You sure are Aunt Linda's niece! LOL