Monday, August 6, 2007

in the woods

Babies strapped to our fronts
The mother's group walks
Earthy smells
The cacaphony of insect and bird sounds
The crunch of the pebbles under our feet
The joy of hiking

NAH- I wish I was that kind of woman but
in actuality the entire time I went on a
trail walk with the mother's group I kept
wishing it was over. I went because I know
I need the exercise. I know getting out is
good for both Auggie and I. However the
entire time I am out there I am worried we
will go to far and I'll be too tired to hike
back. I would really rather throw a blanket
down on the ground and just sit under a tree.

My sister says that walking in the 98 degree heat
with a baby strapped to you is something REFUGEES do.
NOT something people do by choice...

In the end I was glad that I went.
Glad for the exercise.
Glad for the companionship.


abscott823 said...

I must say I agree with your sister! :)

lindaleecarter said...

Sounds like quite a challenge. When the weather breaks, you may enjoy those walks more but Well done anyway! What a beautiful baby! That's all I can say whenever I see his pictures. I see your Dad and especially you. He must have something of Dave?? Hee Hee!
Keep posting those pictures and have fun. Love Aunt L.

mary.lou.blachowicz said...

Yes, Aunt Linda. He looks like Dave when he was a baby.