Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lost in Translation

My mother brought home a little toy as a gift for me from China.
It is a peg top (spinning top that flashes)that you use with a stick
to keep it spinning.
The instructions are hilarious.

"Rolling on the ground are the seven colored peg-tops. Wave your lash before they ceasing rolling to exercise in your spare time. The chronic and stubborn disease periarthritis humeroscapularis. Stronger, healthier, and happier.
White haired grandparents rejuvanesce. Little kids also want to wave the lash."


Bob said...


I have to comment on your photographs. You take some beautiful pictures. Can you explain how you took this pic of the top. All of the pics of Auggie are great too. Can we get more pics of you and Dave?

MLB said...

HA! I didn't take the one of the top- that was an advertising photo...

I will take more pics of Dave and I..
Maybe I'll do a thing with the timer on the camera and try to get one of all three of us together.
That'll be this weekends challenge.

I am also doing a project for myself where I take a picture of Auggie's face every Sunday. I'll put them together at the end of the year to see how he has changed. I thought that would be fun.


Bob said...

I LOVE that idea of a weekly face photo of Auggie. yes a family pic would be very nice.